History of the School Districts

Bonnie Hill School District No. 182 (originally named Birch Hills School District No. 182) was established in 1890 and was originally located at SW 30-46-23-W2

  • Bonnie Hill School was closed in 1958 when a fire destroyed the school building

Brancepeth School District No. 4239 was formed in 1918

  • Brancepeth School was closed in 1966

Coolidge School District No. 4298 was opened in 1920.

  • Coolidge School was closed for the year in 1942 temporarily, and permanently closed in 1948
  • Coolidge School was named after Stanley Coolidge who fought and died in WWI

Derby School opened in 1905 at the home of J. Stevens

  • Derby School was located on the south side of Section 15, ½ mile west of Derby Hill and was closed in 1959

Dryden School District No. 5042 was formed in 1934

  • Dryden School was closed in 1959

Fisher School District No. 3933 was opened in 1919 and was located on the NE corner of NW 5-47A-24-W2

  • Fisher School was closed in 1962

Harmony School District No. 959 was formed in 1903 and was located on the NE corner of NW 34-45-25-W2

  • Harmony School was moved to Hagen in 1955
  • Harmony School was closed in 1969

Harperview School District No. 315 was located 2 miles south of Birch Hills and was in operation from 1894 – 1906 at which time it was relocated to Birch Hills and renamed as the Birch Hills School District No. 315

Heatherdell School District No. 2134 was formed in 1907 and was located at SE 29-46A-25-W2 but was later moved to SE 30-46A-25W2

Iranistan School District No. 4881 was formed in 1930 located at the NE corner beside the Lake Park Baptist Church at Pt SE 04-48-23-W2

Lake Park School District No. 2490 was formed in 1910 and was located at NE 09-47-23-W2

New England School District No. 2443 was formed in 1909 and was located on the NW corner of SW 11-47A-24-W2

  • New England School was closed in 1960, the school building was purchased by the Birch Hills Roman Catholic Parish and was named St. Anne’s Church.

Winton School District No. 2438 was formed in 1909 and was located on NW 7-47-23-W2.  In 1949 a new school was built on SE 13-48-24A-W2

  • Winton School was closed in 1962


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