History of the Churches

Anglican services were being held in homes as early as 1887.  Holy Trinity Anglican Church was given land in 1905 for the purpose of building an Anglican church.  Anglican order of services began in 1909 and was held in the New England School building located at SW 11-47A-24-W2 until 1919 when the school building was moved to SE 14-47A-24-W2.

  • This church began with the Anglican order of service but was also represented by the Presbyterian and Methodist faith but was eventually initiated under the authority of the United Church of Canada.

Bethel Lutheran Brethren Church was formed in 1951 but is now closed.

Birch Hills Pentecostal Church (Glad Tidings Tabernacle) was opened in 1931 – present.

Birch Hills Lutheran Church was opened in 1907 and the services were held at the back of Henry Halvorson’s Store.

Birch Hills United Church began serving the community in 1907 – present.

Lake Park Baptist Church was formed in 1918 and was originally located at Pt SE 04-48-23-W2 but has since moved to highway 3 near the Muskoday Reserve.

Lake Park Zion Lutheran Church was the first Lutheran Church in the area and it was formed in 1930.  This church is no longer holding services.

St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Parish opened in 1960 – present.

St. Mary’s Anglican Church was opened in 1922 – present.

St. Saviour’s Anglican Church was opened in 1905 but is now closed.

Winton Pentecostal Church was opened in 1934 but is now closed.

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