Bylaws And Policies

Bylaw No. 03-2018 – Establish Mill Rate Factors

Bylaw No. 2017-02 Extension of Time for Assessment Roll

Bylaw No. 01-2017 Code of Ethics

Bylaw No. 05-2016 Respecting Buildings

Bylaw No. 04-2016 Establish Mill Rate Factors

Bylaw No. 03-2016 Hagen – Minimum Tax

Bylaw No. 02-2016 Authorize Certain Expenditures

Bylaw No. 01-2016 Council Procedures Bylaw

Policy – Waste Disposal Policy

Bylaw No. 04-2015 Establish Mill Rate Factors

Bylaw No. 03-2015 Hagen – Minimum Tax

Bylaw No. 02-2015 Hagen – Water & Sewer Rates

Bylaw No. 01-2015 Brancepeth – Water & Sewer Rates

Policy – Public Participation in Council Meetings

Bylaw No. 04-2013 Beaver Hunting

Bylaw No. 01-2013 Emergency Management Organization

Bylaw No. 04-2012 Nuisance Abatement

Bylaw No. 03-2012 Penalties for Contravention of Bylaws

Bylaw No. 01-2006 Fire Department Fees

Bylaw No. 03-2005 Public Notice Policy